4 Main Categories Of Permanent Residents Of Canada

4 Main Categories Of Permanent Residents Of Canada

There are many different categories of people who can become permanent residents of Canada. These include refugees, investors, skilled workers, and economic migrants. Becoming a permanent resident can vary widely depending on your nationality. If you’re unsure if you qualify for permanent residency, find a reliable PR consultant to help you achieve your PR goals here.

Skilled workers:

There are many different ways to become a permanent resident of Canada. If you want to immigrate to a country like Canada, you may want to consider becoming a skilled worker. This immigration program allows skilled workers to live in various provinces, including Quebec. You can apply to work in Quebec if you have a high level of education. You can also apply if you have a valid offer of employment.

The skilled worker category requires that an applicant have a certain level of work experience. This means at least one year of continuous full or part-time employment. The work experience must be skilled and must meet Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A. The work experience must be within the last 10 years.


Investors can become permanent residents of Canada by investing in the country. The program requires that you invest at least $1,000,000 in an approved Canadian investment. This money is returned in full to you after five years of residency. In return for your investment, you get Canadian citizenship and a passport.


Refugees are immigrants who have fled their country because of persecution or other human rights violations. They have no way to return home and need protection in Canada. People can apply for refugee protection when they come to Canada or already live there. The Immigration and refugee board of Canada, an independent administrative tribunal, reviews their applications. They determine whether a person is a refugee. Refugees are given protected status for one or more years and may apply for permanent residency.

Economic migrants:

Economic migrants are selected for permanent residency for their abilities to contribute to the Canadian economy. This may include owning a business, making a substantial investment, or creating employment in Canada. These immigrants may also meet a specific need for labor in a specific field. An eligible relative may also sponsor economic migrants. These relatives may be spouses, parents, or children.

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