Become An Immigration Consultant In Canada

Become An Immigration Consultant In Canada

If you are interested in becoming an immigration consultant in Canada, there are several ways to go about it. You can study for the Immigration Practitioner program or obtain a graduate diploma in Immigration and citizenship law. Regardless of your chosen path, it would help if you always got the proper licensing.

Must complete an immigration law course:

To become a regulated Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC), you must complete an immigration law course. This program is offered online and is designed to be completed in a year. Before beginning your training, you must meet the program’s requirements and submit a statement of interest.

Must pass a background check:

Before you can practice as an immigration consultant, you must pass a background check. This checks to ensure that you are not a criminal and that your personal information is accurate. The background check will take about six weeks to complete. After you have passed the exam, you may find work with a law firm or an agency.

RCICs are highly skilled professionals who can help people become new Canadian citizens. Unlike lawyers, RCICs know the immigration system inside and out. They can provide valuable advice to help people navigate the immigration system and avoid common pitfalls.

You need to complete an approved program:

To become a registered Canadian immigration consultant, you must complete an approved program. The Immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council (ICCRC) regulates immigration consultants and requires members to maintain at least 16 hours of professional development each year. There are several ways to complete this requirement. You can choose from programs offered by the ICCRC or one of its accredited partners.

Get an IPP and the Graduate diploma in immigration and citizenship law:

The IPP and the Graduate diploma in immigration and citizenship laware two options for those seeking to become registered Canadian immigration consultants. The IPP is the preferred program because it provides theoretical and practical education on immigration laws and regulations. 

A Graduate diploma program is the first step to becoming a registered Canadian immigration consultant. The program is one year long and optimized for online learning. To enroll, you must meet the prerequisites for the program and submit a statement of interest. You will be eligible for the Graduate diploma in immigration and citizenship lawif you meet these requirements.

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