CNC Laser Cutting Machine – All You Need to Know About It

CNC Laser Cutting Machine - All You Need to Know About It

CNC laser cutting machine is an efficient way to create your custom designs. Whether you need to create jewelry, woodturning, or other intricate pieces, a CNC machine can help you achieve your goals. CNC machines come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Choosing the right size for your needs can make the process faster and more efficient.

Low cost:

CNC machining is a popular option for low-cost manufacturing. Its cost is relatively low and, compared to laser cutting, is more affordable. On the downside, it requires a higher power level and occupies more space on a workbench. However, the benefits of this technology outweigh the costs and limitations.

High precision:

If you’re looking for a high-precision CNC laser-cutting machine, you’ve come to the right place. These machines are designed specifically for precision cutting, and they’re widely used in electronics, machinery, microelectronics, and other industries with high tolerance requirements. They are also perfect for cutting stainless steel plates, thin metal sheets, and other materials.


CNC laser cutting technology uses a focused laser beam to produce a pattern on a surface. This laser is output from a laser generator with a certain frequency and pulse width. The laser then passes through an optical path to focus the beam on the cut part. The laser cuts the material by emitting a beam of high energy density. The beam’s high intensity melts the material at an instantaneous high temperature.

Pulsed lasers:

The type of laser used in CNC laser cutting machines can be either a CO2 or a pulsed laser. CO2 lasers are most common for metal cutting, but CO2 lasers are also good for non-metallic materials. Pulsed lasers can enhance cutting performance by increasing oxygen content, but this process can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Pulsed lasers, also called seed lasers, are a type of solid-state laser that amplify their beam using specially designed glass fibers. The wavelength of a seed laser is approximately 1.064 micrometers, and it has an incredibly small focal diameter.

Gas reservoir:

When choosing a gas reservoir for a CNC laser cutting machine, there are several factors to consider. The first factor is the type of material being cut. Oxygen, for instance, is only good for cutting steel, so you may want to use nitrogen instead. You should also consider the purity of the gas, as some manufacturers require higher purity.

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