Top 6 Interior Design Trends For 2022

Top 6 Interior Design Trends For 2022

As we age, our homes will need to be updated and renovated. White walls don’t age well and can display imperfections. They are also hard to maintain. Therefore, interior design should consider how a home will age, how it will be used, and how much convenience it offers its occupants. These are some key interior design trends recommended by interior designers near me.

Contemporary interiors:

Contemporary interior design is characterized by neutral tones, which define the grounding of a room. This allows hints of color to be used in accents or incorporated into art and objects.

Multi-functional spaces:

The multi-functional trend focuses on making rooms that serve more than one purpose work together. The key is to create a space that flows from room to room. The trend also makes use of integrated technology and convertible furniture. For example, a fold-out table can be a desk during the day and dining space at mealtimes.

Art deco:

Art deco is a style from the 1920s characterized by extravagant motifs, abstract patterns, and jagged lines. Its colors and materials are also bold and flamboyant. This style can be incorporated into a home, transforming it into an elegant and sophisticated setting.

Scandinavian design:

Incorporating Scandinavian design into your home is a great way to bring color and warmth to the space. Many Scandinavian homes feature a cozy fireplace in the corner of the room, and seating is arranged around it. Accent chairs are positioned closer to the fire, and sofas anchor the space. This design trend also uses warm wood tones and sepia hues to add warmth and brightness to rooms. Off-whites are also a good choice for rooms with this style.

Colored concrete:

One of the most exciting trends in interior design is the use of colored concrete. This versatile material can be used on floors and kitchens, and its vibrant colors can be a welcome addition to a room. Colored concrete is a popular choice for flooring and has many benefits, including its environmental credentials. It’s also easy to source and can be used in many home areas.

Warm colors:

If you’re looking for an interior design trend for your home, you should know that warm colors are a popular choice. These colors are used in upholstery and accents and can make any room cozy. Cooler colors, however, can make a room look cold and uninviting.

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